Hi, I’m glad you dropped in!  May I paint a word picture for you?  Maybe now is a good time to take a quick time out with your favorite ‘cup of something relaxing’.  

As I paint this word picture I hope you’ll be asking yourself  this question.

How would I respond to this exclamation, “Duck!”?


Early in our courtship, Randy and I decided to rent a canoe and row about a local Orlando lake.  How romantic, right?  This scene is included in most romantic dramas, I think.  Or at least it was during the 80’s.

We were on the water in our canoe – I in the front and he in the back.  We both had oars because…well… he wanted me to help propel the canoe around the lake.  To say that we were not in sync is quite an understatement.  And not just in terms of rowing!

Not very many minutes passed (5 maybe) before I heard my sweetheart yelling from behind me, “Just stop rowing.  Put your oars in the boat and let me do it.”  Well, to be honest, it hurt my feelings; this exclamation in a frustrated tone from the behind my back.  I didn’t know why I had to stop rowing or why we couldn’t just find a solution to our problem so we could learn to row in sync.  However, this is a relationship lesson for another day!

I, pouting, pulled my oars in and decided, “Fine! He can do all the work and I’ll just sit here and enjoy the scenery.”  So, that I did.  We floated through the water with trees hanging low over the surface of the water.  I was fascinated with the wildlife – butterflies joined our canoe ride and then flew off, raccoons rummaged through trash cans on the shoreline, and ducks.  “Where?”, I asked gleefully.limb over water

Again, he shouted from behind me with even more irritation than the first time, “DUCK!” And as I glanced up I saw the rather large limb straight ahead at eye level.  Fortunately for me, I ducked!

My husband and I are 30 years into this lifetime relationship.  Just now (on his birthday) I read this memory to him asking him to correct me if my memory was faulty in any way. We both have just had a really good laugh recalling this beginning time in our relationship, our faulty communication and rowing skills while we drink our 2nd cup of coffee together.

Even as we laugh and I read back through this memory, Holy Spirit highlights a very real ouchy place in my heart.  I many times hear a tone mixed in with words spoken toward me and I choose to distrust the intent of the person speaking.  I many times choose to doubt their love and care for me.

Practicing His Presence:  Is it true Jesus?  Do I do this with You as well?  I know I do as I sit here and ponder this revelation in the Light of You.  Because of the ouchy place in my heart I sometimes read Your word, out of Sync with Your Spirit.  I sometimes hear You and mistrust Your good intentions toward me.  I sometimes doubt Your love and care for me.

I’m sorry Jesus.  Thank You for cupping my face in Your hands of love and reminding me Who You are and who I am because I belong to You.

If you have another minute, practice with me.  Take a moment and let your heart be reminded of the beautifully in sync relationship Holy Spirit offers us with our Good Shepherd.  Read these out loud emphasizing the emboldened word.

YOU, JESUS, are my Good Shepherd.

Jesus, You are my GOOD Shepherd.

You are MY Good Shepherd, Jesus.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

(Psalm 23:1 nlt)