Press Pause.

Could I be so bold as to ask you to press pause right now?

I know. Who am I?

But could you just pause right now from your circumstances? Could you take a timeout from ALL that?

I’m not asking you to pay attention to me or to care about my words. I’m asking if you will take a minute for you.

To press pause. To breathe. To exhale – long and hard. To take a deep inhale and fill your lungs like you haven’t since you jumped out of bed.

Could I encourage you? I know you really don’t want any fluff right now. I get it. But, just in case you are here… and you are willing to give yourself a reset moment… and you’re still reading…

Could I encourage you not to take me at my word, but to read what God has to say to you?

Pause. Reset. For a moment, quit thinking what you’re thinking. For a few deep breaths, stop saying what you’re saying. As you pause, recognize that you are able to stop walking in that direction.

Could I encourage you to read Psalm 145?

Reset. Inhale. Exhale.

And now that you are in a moment of clarity, receive these words from the One who loves you inexhaustibly.

God is good in ALL His ways. His love for you is boundless. His mercy is new for today. He’s already been where You are going and He already knows how to navigate your path.

Reset. Pause.

Look around and see the beauty of His creation. See the people around you. They are each unique image bearers of Christ. If you aren’t ready to recognize this truth in yourself, see it in others. You’ll get there.

Stop. Remember what God did for you that time when you thought all was lost. Jesus is Waymaker. Miracle Worker. Light in the darkness. Right?

No? Okay, maybe that doesn’t feel true to you. Maybe you feel that God didn’t come through for you in that moment. Perhaps you lost your trust in Him because you did lose everything and felt you were abandoned to pull yourself together.

I totally get that. I’ve been there too. Disappointment. Disillusionment. Loss. Grief. It hurts. And this painful place ~ it’s an open wounded field ready to receive lies. We must ~ it’s essential ~ we recognize that unchecked lies (like God is not good) grow bitter roots.

Tell Him. Get it out. Verbalize your lack of faith. Scream it out ~ how God let you down. Don’t just walk away. A conversation is an opportunity to resolve. An argument is part of relationship. Isn’t God worthy of your side of the story? Isn’t He big enough?

Ask Jesus, “Where were You?” It’s an honest question. It’s a question He loves to answer.

Pause. Rest. Inhale. Exhale.

Ask Jesus. Turn your eyes to heaven and ask Him right this very moment to make every cell of your being aware of His very real presence.

Then wait. Wait for Him.

You have time. All that other stuff will wait on you and Him. You might even find that when you go back to find your place, ALL THAT has already fled the scene.

Eyes on Jesus today. 145 days. Focus on His nearness and goodness. Watching. Waiting. Praising Him all the day long for He has been only faithful!

Day 145. Psalm 145. Eyes on Jesus. Focus – God is good in ALL His ways!


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