Saturday Share with Lisa Anne Tindal

Would my daddy not want to come home and face it all, numb himself to the troubles with whiskey and barrel into the house to meet my mama’s anger. I never knew what home would be like and so I understand the children who are unsure of where they will sleep. I’ve never been homeless; yet, I understand the uncertainty of what home will be.

FMF: How might I be intentional today?

This Five Minute Friday focus word is intentional.  My 5:00 timer is set and off we go! When I think of the word intentional all I can think of initially is how far I fall short.  And then I choose to turn my eyes toward Jesus and realize He is the example of intentionality. Father is the … Continue reading FMF: How might I be intentional today?

Have I made room for Jesus lately?

Even though the Christmas carols have been put away for another 11 months, I'm asking Holy Spirit to bring these words back to mind often throughout 2018.  I pray the tune will play softly in the background of my everyday thoughts.  Please, Lord, as I tend to let my mind and my heart get cluttered … Continue reading Have I made room for Jesus lately?

Obey anyway… What to do when life just doesn’t make sense.

The scene shifts.  Water splashes at her feet, and she realizes the boat has sprung a leak. Frantic, she looks to the man.  Why is he still fiddling?  Doesn’t he recognize the emergency?  The adrenaline rushes.  Her survival instincts scream at her, “You can’t just sit there in a sinking boat.  Do something.  Stop the leak.  Jump.  Swim.  Do.  Something.”