28-Days of Words with Eyes on Jesus

My Goal:

The goal I’m trying to accomplish by joining this 28-day writing challenge is to take the assigned word daily and use it as a filter to help me turn my eyes to Jesus & Shine forth out of His Radiant beauty.


My writing friend Anita Ojeda is sponsoring this 28-day writing challenge. She has provided a word a day on which to focus for our writing. I have chosen to ponder each word as a starting place for pondering on God’s character. My daily writing will be a manifestation of this daily pondering process. My intent from the onset is to write about how this word causes me to fix my eyes on Jesus and follow Him today.

Day 1 Wonderful

Day 2 Broken

Day 3 Fascinating

Day 4 Community

Day 5 Safety

Day 6 Beliefs

Day 7 Ease

Day 8 Shock

Day 9 Skulk

Day 10 Crevice

Day 11 Name

Day 12 Decline

Day 13 Fact

Day 14 Rare

Day 15 Beautiful

Day 16 Lonesome

Day 17 Reflections

Day 18 Tiny

Day 19 Lottery

Day 20 Changes

Day 21 Adore

Day 22 Danger

Day 23 Common

Day 24 Saver

Day 25 Problem

Day 26 Threat

Day 27 Favorite

Day 28 Stewardship