Days of Psalms

On Ash Wednesday 2020 I began a journey through the psalms from the first chapter intending to end the Lent season somewhere around Psalm 40.

In late February of 2020 I, along with every other human on planet Earth, was completely unaware of the events about to unfold. As the world shutdown under command of national and global leaders I looked to my King Jesus for direction.

“Keep going. Keep reading. Keep seeking Me through the days of this strange and crazy year. Keep reading a Psalm a day. See Me, your Good Shepherd, present with you even on the darkest and most confusing days and nights. I will feed you, rest with you, watch over you, and guide you. Don’t worry.”

And so these days of Psalms are a brief glimpse of my 2020 journey following King Jesus through the strangest of times. I pray you are encouraged, moved to action, and will share the hope of walking with Jesus with another human in your life.

Days of Psalms. Focus – Jesus. Eyes on Him.

Day 11. Psalm 11.

Day 16. Psalm 16.

Day 34. Psalm 34.

Day 51. Psalm 51.

Day 124. Psalm 124.

Day 129. Psalm 129.

Day 130. Psalm 130.

Day 134. Psalm 134.

Day 139. Psalm 139.

Day 142. Psalm 142

Day 145. Psalm 145.

Day 148. Psalm 148.

Day 150-something.