What are ponderings?

Ponderings are what I call the exercise of thinking about one word, researching it’s definition and then truly reflecting on how it applies to my life and faith journey.

Pondering on a word leads me to scripture and reading through a variety of translations. Sometimes {if I’m really curious} I go to the Hebrew, Latin or Greek roots seeking a deeper understanding.

All along this pondering exercise I’m conversing with Jesus. Pondering is incomplete {for me} without His perspective.

I hope you’ll join me for a pondering exercise of your own. I’ll post the words here, which will contain a link to my own pondering thoughts if you care to read them.

And if you’re game, take the challenge. Ponder the words. Ask Jesus. Write your words.


September 10 – Ordinary

August 29 – Victory

July 19 – Reminder

July 5 – Goodness

June 25 – Want

June 11 – Trouble

June 8 – Sow

March 3 – Obedience

February 22 – New

February 14 – Buddies

February 1 – Shaken

January 13 – Clean


November 11 Steadfast

October 29 – Shine

October 22 – Story

October 13 – Kindness

September 29 – Breathe

August 26 – Refreshment

August 15 – Receive

August 11 – Born

June 6 – Release

May 19 – Pay attention

May 15 – Help

Pondering Words… you are welcome to take a word & ponder for yourself.