My Dad Says…

Mr. And Mrs. Gary Milford

My Dad doesn’t say a lot. He’s quiet and reflective. He watches and assesses. My dad notices body language and facial expressions.

He ponders all of life quietly. But he ponders all things through the filter of God’s Word. The Bible is his standard and Christ his foundation.

Dad doesn’t understand everything perfectly and doesn’t claim to do so. But his 80 years of life earn him some well deserved street cred. Our family values our oldest living generation. When grandpa says we’re going to pray, everyone circles around, takes a hand and bows their head.

At the end of a good meal around the table, many times grandpa lifts a finger, looks everyone in the eye and quietly speaks “I want to tell you something.” We all pay attention. It’s like we’ve been waiting for the after dinner blessing.

Not every generation views life on planet Earth like my dad, but we all respect his life experience and his firm Biblical foundation. Our family is extraordinarily blessed to have grandma and grandpa in our lives.

Therefore, I will be adding nuggets of generational wisdom on this page as my Dad provides the written format from time to time.

My Dad says…

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