Does He Notice Me?

My questions about God were many and constant. In rare, unguarded moments of conversation with high school and college friends, I wondered aloud if God was interested in the details of our lives. Most people with whom I chatted seemed to think that the only answer to my ponderings was a sincere – No – for a variety of reasons. … More Does He Notice Me?

No Other

As a child who had not read the Bible and had rarely attended church, how is it that I could have such a simple faith in God and His Sovereignty? … More No Other

Community is a Gift

By the third day, our beach observations had made an amusing connection. We looked out onto the water at the mass of surfers quite numerous divided into several “small groups” with an occasional loner off to one side or the other. My man and I laughed as we identified ourselves according to social surfers and the loners. … More Community is a Gift


The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10 NIV ~~~~~~~~ 9/11/01 I remember the day, the weather and where I was located when I felt the tingle up my spine. I remember with whom I stood as the realization started to seep into my … More Remembering

Open Door Prayers

For a number of years now my husband and I have found ourselves detoured from our planned life course. We, like most people who set out on a journey, had a destination in mind, made plans, and got moving. No one anticipates the storms and pitfalls which have a way of taking us off course. … More Open Door Prayers