Today I am participating in the Five Minute Friday with Kate Motaung and her crew of brilliant writers. The word this Friday is {choose}.

Setting my timer for 5 minutes and go…


This is the day that the Lord has made I will {choose} to rejoice and be glad in it.


I wonder…

How does this word draw your thoughts to Jesus. How does this word draw your emotions along with those thoughts to meet with Jesus.

Are you drawn to rejoicing as a choice?

Are you drawn to a lament over something you didn’t get to choose?

I get both of those thoughts for there are plenty of choices I’ve made and for which I have ultimately reaped either the blessings or the consequences.

Photo credit: Lisa Brittain
This was my first visual this morning. I opened my eyes to a sky painted pink over mountains. I didn’t choose the sky portrait to which I would awaken, but I rejoice in it!

And then there are those things for which I cannot at all take credit. Sometimes the choices of others have resulted in wonderful blessings. Even now, I smile thinking of some of the greatest gifts bestowed on me by the choice of another.

However, I can also groan within over losses. It’s hard to reap the consequences of another person’s choices. Someone purposely ran a red light creating a car accident just to selfishly collect insurance money. Someone else stole our savings for a house down payment. Businesses closed leaving loved ones unemployed.

Praise for the blessings and lament for the losses. These responses are all of our own choosing.

Either way my prayer is that whether I am rejoicing or lamenting my eyes turn toward Jesus. I pray that He will be the focus of my joy and the direction of my ranting so that ultimately my thoughts and my emotions are taken captive by the truth of His word and His presence.

I wonder…

What are you prompted to ponder about this one word {choose}?

Come write with me today.
Share your thoughts on {choose}

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,


6 thoughts on “Choose

  1. I appreciate your perspective, Lisa. We reap the blessings or consequences of our own choices or other’s choices. Kindness versus betrayal. Joy versus sorrow. Deep wells of love and forgiveness overflowing from God’s heart, through us to others.

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  2. I gots a big young Pit Bull,
    and now gots fewer shoes,
    for it seems his joy is full
    when on my shoes he choose.
    I don’t mind barefoot walking,
    but in this desert place
    it’s thorns that do the talking,
    place frowns upon my face.
    I should reprimand the boy,
    but in the yard he looks so funny
    carrying a shoe in joy,
    that OK, I’ll spend the money
    to replace that which he eats
    as a shelter for my feets.

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  3. Thank you for sharing today Lisa. I have enjoyed reading your post and perusing your blog today. Your Bible study on Ruth looks very appealing!! Thank you for the reminder to keep my eyes on Jesus.

    FMF #19

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