Danger, problem & threat

I am really enjoying this book. Thank you, friend for sending it & suggesting we read it together!

Uugghh, I am such a slow reader. I get so tangled in pondering a particular idea on a page and can’t make myself move on to the next ideas on subsequent pages. It’s a reading problem I’ve endured since first learning to read in elementary school. It’s frustrating and makes reading a real challenge, but better to thoroughly chew fewer books than never try at all.

I’m no threat to anyone holding reading records in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Perhaps the title feels safe. One Small Step. The title seems to me an invitation to just read one page at a time. Today, I ended up finishing the 4th chapter, and found the topic more fun than I’d expected.

The author/pastor (Matthew Barnett) promoted the idea (chapter 4, page 68) of living a celebratory life! Yes, let’s celebrate the huge milestones and achievements, but for some people simply taking just one small step forward is a wonderful reason to celebrate. He floated the idea that opportunities to celebrate someone are all around us if we have eyes to see. We have to be open to the Holy Spirit nudge.

Perhaps the abundant life is not in danger or threatened by the darkness of the days in which we live. What if I pray…

“Lord Jesus nudge me when You see an opportunity to celebrate. Open my eyes to large and small victories happening right in front of me. Teach me to celebrate as all of heaven celebrates when one person turns their eyes to You.”

How will this simple prayer change my life in my latter days? How might this idea of a celebratory life change your perspective? What if we’re willing to be nudged into noticing reasons to celebrate?

I’m not really sure what will happen next, but I’m excited to find out! The only danger in reading this book is that you might smile more. The only threat is that you might find yourself living interrupted as Jesus did.

Is there a problem? No problem, just opportunities!

(Thank you, Theresa Lambert, for the life lessons shared!)

Eyes on Jesus… you Shine!


4 thoughts on “Danger, problem & threat

  1. Loved this thought here: “Teach me to celebrate as all of heaven celebrates when one person turns their eyes to You.”

    To really do that, we have live present in the moment in order to notice these victories. This is a struggle for me; but one I’m wanting to keep working on.

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