It’s not you, it’s Him.

He is here. Even if I forget He is here. If I don’t move toward Him, if I can’t remember what I’m supposed to do in the midst of trouble, I believe He will catch my attention. As I hear a whisper in my heart or feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders, I turn ever so slightly and realize He’s pursuing me.

I saw that picture in the middle of worship yesterday. Closing my eyes and hearing the words of the song, “Your goodness is running after me…”

I could see myself dry, thirsty, and weary from the week and moving sluggishly along a dusty road. I could hear someone running ahead of me & feel a breeze flutter past my face. I looked up to see Jesus jogging in my direction.

Yes, in my imagination Jesus jogs!

He carried something in His hands. He held something lightweight and a gauze color and texture. Jesus tossed it toward me, and like a lasso catching the wind, it softly landed around my shoulders. I could feel the grace covering offering refreshment even as it drew me toward Him.

Soft, warm, and soothed is how I felt even as I continued to sing the words to the song. I was there in church and participating, but singing to an audience of one. He was present. I could sense His nearness and that my Shepherd was listening to me sing the song to Him.

But I had done nothing to request His presence. I was not even seeking to find Jesus in the worship. I was intent on receiving a fill-up as I held out my empty cup. But then, I realized that He had pursued me right into the worship service.

When I forget that He is so near, Jesus whispers my name. And when I believe no one can hear me, He speaks a word in my heart of which only He understands the meaning. All just to remind me that He is pursuing me.

As the music fades and the lights come on, I am reminded that Jesus is here. He has my hand. He’s done so much to turn things around.

Although I’m sure there are daily interventions of which I am unaware, I know He’s moved at least one mountain in my life. He seems ready to do more, and Jesus wants to know if I’m watching.

My eyes are wide open with the realness of this encounter. I’m standing on tiptoes, in fact, watching for Him. Wanting to remember that He is the pursuer. The Faithful One.

With a filled cup and a renewed sense of His participation in my life, I go out again to anticipate His goodness in a dry and weary land.

Eyes on Jesus…and ready to shine.