Feeling it

Especially feeling this today. Anyone else feeling a bit weak today?

As I am smack dab in the middle of two beautiful clients and not wanting to disappoint them. As I am giving my very best to serve those who have entrusted memories to me. As my good workhorse sewing machine is broken again because I just keep pushing it’s limits.

Have you ever had one of those days? One of those weeks? Or how about months even?

I bet you know how it feels to watch the bottom fall out while you’re giving 110% You know the gut punch of feeling like you are failing and disappointing everyone. And worst of all, you know the realization you really aren’t in control of anything.

I’m feeling my weakness. But good news! Paul, the Apostle. Paul, legendary evangelist, inspired of the Holy Spirit writer of much of the New Testament… Yes, him… He felt weak.

Jesus Christ met Paul in his moments of feeling overwhelmed and Paul was encouraged to lean on The Word whose name is Jesus. To lean into  the Comforter, Holy Spirit. To rest with The Father and be refreshed. He encouraged Paul to recognize that the grace and power of God is more than enough when he had nothing in the tank.

Jesus is encouraging my heart in the same way TODAY. He wants me to be encouraged and to lean into Him. He wants me to remember that He is BIG enough and strong enough to cover my weakness. He is lifting my chin to look at His face. Jesus wants me to choose HIM over my struggle and all the feelings that are stirred up by my angst.

Psalm 131 TODAY. I am choosing not to freak out. I am choosing to calm and quiet myself like a weaned daughter at my Father’s feet. I am making a choice by an act of my will to look at Jesus and away from my difficulty – the seemingly impossible.

His grace is sufficient for my business. This little furniture restoration operation was all His idea anyway. Jesus, Son of God is more than enough for me today. And, here’s some GOOD NEWS. Holy Spirit, Comforter, is more than enough for you too. He’s waiting for you and is ready for you to look up also. So, lean in with me.

Action steps:

1. Turn our gaze upon Jesus.  Look full and long into His wonderful face. Soon all the yuck of this world will fade and we’ll be caught up in the Majesty of His glory and grace.

2. Tune our ears to His Shepherd voice. Listen for His love song and fall in love with Him all over again. Listen for the way He wants to go.  OR hear Him settle down in the spot where He simply wants to rest. Pick up the melody of His heart song and join Him in a duet of praise.

3. Trust God’s Goodness. It takes awhile for most of us. Not many are feeling like trusting anyone or anything right now. Everything about 2020 screams, “Don’t trust anyone or anything!”  But God is trustworthy, faithful and true. Don’t trust me, but do try Him.

So, repeat steps 1 and 2 until you realize you’ve taken up residence in step 3.  I’ll meet you there. We’ll both see that God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is Majestic, Comforting, Powerful, Loving, and more than enough while our empty tanks are filled to overflowing life.

Come join me. There’s plenty of room at my Father’s feet.

Eyes on Jesus and Shine,


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    1. Hi Bettie!! It’s so great to see your name and face pop up here. Thank you for joining in with me at Jesus’ feet. Eyes in Him. I know you’re shining!! Bless you, my sister. 💕

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