Pondering {release}

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7

This scripture popped up recently as a ‘verse of the day’ and it reveals a truth that I keep hearing from the Lord. He’s been speaking this truth to me with an urgency since last year 2019. At various times and in various ways, Holy Spirit is pointing me back, and asking me to look again. Ponder this truth. Take it. Chew on it. Taste it and let it become a part of your being.

So, if my sowing determines what I will reap later on, isn’t it important to plan for the seed in advance? I wholeheartedly believe so. I mean I know this truth experientially to be true throughout my lifetime journey. Thus, I believe God’s Word to be true. We do, all of us regardless of our belief system, reap what we sow.

Ask any farmer or gardener if seed matters. The seed I choose to have in my life is the seed I will release as a result of my life. The seed I release is the seed sown wherever my feet may roam. That seed will take root, for the good or the bad, and will grow a harvest well beyond the amount of seed sown. And so I am increasingly aware that my life has the opportunity to produce abundant, healthy, delicious and nutritious fruit to feed myself, my family and even multitudes.

Or my life can produce fields of weeds. The truth that if I am not intentionally choosing good seed to be sown by my one life I am allowing a famine to be sown unto destruction, scares me to my core. The idea of leaving behind me the despair of no good fruit causes me to tremble before the Lord God Almighty. May it not be so, Lord.

“May my life be overwhelmed by Your Spirit, Jesus. Teach me to deny the flesh and fill me with Your Good Holy seed for sowing. Jesus, I want to sow of Your seed and to produce a harvest of Good fruit 30, 60 or even a hundred fold, for Your glory, and to bring in a harvest of souls for Your Kingdom.”

Bold love; Humble heart.

In marketing, this would be called a tag line. Bold love; humble heart. Or possibly this can be seen as a mission statement. However our modern day media driven society would choose to tag this short phrase, it is the phrase Holy Spirit wrote on my heart and asked me to keep in the forefront of my thinking. The words were challenging to say the least. And I received the phrase with an honest desire to pursue daily living which reflects bold love and a humble heart.

Of course, I had know inkling of the world events, which were about to bombard each of us and our way of life in this year – 2020. Only God knew in advance how to train me for such a time as this. Father, God, has shown me day by day that these few words are meant to be my brand in a new era.

The fruit grown from my life of sowing is supposed to be known by these characteristics. This is what the Holy Spirit has been teaching me. Since He reminds me of this phrase almost every day, I’m paying closer attention, and leaning in for deeper instruction. I’ve become, during the virus induced incubation season, intentionally focused on the formation of these two characteristics in my life.

Boldly love ~ This means I face the hard things. It means I look straight into the most difficult relationships. I don’t turn my back or think someone else should “do something”. Loving with boldness means I determine to not be offended, and I choose to live peaceably with all who share my path.

Humble heart ~ This means I recognize and deal with the depravity of my own flesh, and allow Holy Spirit (not me) to bring conviction in the life of another person. Certainly, I should not overlook, condone or partner with sinful choices. However, in humility I must spend more of my life asking my Savior to purify me from my flesh by the nearness of His all-consuming fire. I must purposely choose to walk so close with my eyes trained on Jesus that bold love flows from my life.

I want to reap a bountiful harvest of Good Fruit so that my life feeds many hungry souls. I’ve asked for it. Father God says, “YES!” He also reminds me not to be deceived. God is jealous for His own and He will not allow Himself to be mocked. No imitation of God The Father, Son and Holy Spirit will produce life-giving abundant and lasting fruit.

I hope you’ll read Galatians 6, Romans 12, and Psalm 103 today. Join me with BOLD love and HUMBLE heart.