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More-FMF-Square-Images-10Five Minute Friday for September 15, 2017:  {support}

I’m way late, but we had a tropical storm come through Atlanta this past week.  I’m giving myself a bit of GRACE and taking my time.  Pondering with Holy Spirit about this word {support}.

I’ve seen so many examples of {support} this past week right here in my own neighborhood.  Lilburnites, Jeremy and Nikki, opening their home on Facebook to anyone of their friends in Southwest Florida who wanted to take refuge away from Hurricane Irma.  Astounding!  For all who think no one cares or gives or loves open-handedly anymore.  That’s just a plain lie.

For all who think no one cares or gives or loves open-handedly anymore.  That’s just a plain lie.  Filled with Holy Spirit, Jesus cared and gave and loved open-handedly through Jeremy and Nikki and then through other Lilburnites who saw their example and moved into action in {support} of them.

I loved my husband’s response…overhearing his conversation… “I’m not capable of this kind of human kindness.  This is Jesus.”

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Five Minutes on the timer:  GO!


I read {support} and I think support beam.  I think support beam and then my mind jumps to my Dad.  25 years with Eastern Airlines as a mechanic and then nothing.  The company is gone and his job is gone.  NO support there.  Earthly support is temporary.

My Dad went back to school and finished a 4-year construction degree at FIU in south Florida.  With his degree, he became a construction manager with Habitat for Humanity for a number of years before he retired.  He certainly helped to support families with affordable housing, but through Habitat, there was more support offered than just providing a roof over people’s heads.

People were taught sweat equity.  People learned to serve, get dirty, and give of themselves.  People learned to pray – not just for themselves, but for others in need.

Through Habitat for Humanity, my Dad ministered support to people far outside the earthly physical support beam of a house.Support Moses Aaron and Hur

Which brings my mind around to Moses and Joshua and Aaron and Hur.  Joshua was sent by Moses as battle commander to defeat the enemy forces, and Moses was Joshua’s prayer support.  However, this was a mighty, bloody and deadly battle against an enemy not so willing to give up territory.

As Moses prayed with His arms lifted high, Joshua and his army gained territory, but a man can only pray with arms lifted for so long before gravity takes over.  As Moses’ arms would weaken and fall the enemy forces would gain ground in the battle.

Huh, Moses providing prayer support needed support.

Anyone tracking with me on this pathway of thought?

Aaron and Hur brought a stone, on which Moses was able to sit, and then Aaron held up one of Moses’ arms and Hur held up the other.  They prayed and supported and prayed and supported together until the victory was won!


  1. What battle are you fighting while someone offers prayer support?
  2. Are you providing prayer support for someone in a battle?
  3. Does the prayer support need support?
  4. Let’s ask Holy Spirit to guide and direct us to a victory battle plan.  Holy Spirit will you bring the people to provide the prayer support and the arm support and the perseverance to pray until victory is won?




10 thoughts on “FMF: {support}

  1. All of the natural disasters lately have really shown us some true-life examples of supporting one another – neighbor, friend or stranger….simply reaching out to help however you can and show the love of Jesus. I am humbled by so many of the stories and so often wish there was more that I could do. But we can all be prayer supporters – thanks for the reminder for the value of being a prayer supporter.


  2. I love your Dad’s story. Not the laying off part, but how God moved him into ministry with Habitat.

    I am so thankful for those that hold my arms up when I’m weary and for the honor of holding the arms of others when they’re weary. When we are weak, we are strong in God’s strength. It is there he can work the best isn’t it?

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    1. Thank you, Christy, for sharing in the conversation on Eyes on Jesus and Shine. I appreciate your interaction here and yes, I agree.
      My husband has come into a similar place. The bank was sold and he is almost 3 years unemployed. My Dad’s story gives me hope God will reinvent my husband’s life work at some point…many are holding our arms up right now.
      Bless you friend with the fullness of seeing Jesus present with you.💝

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  3. Visiting from next door on FMF! What a lovely reminder and a good tie in to my own reflections on this word. The fact that Moses needed support isn’t as important to me as the fact that he accepted it. He allowed that support to help him achieve what he needed to achieve, rather than trying to do it on his own because it was HIS task. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Excellent point. Thank you for stretching my view of Moses in this situation. I have never seen him as needing to accept help. Thank you! =) And bless you for spending some time here with me on my blog.

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  4. wow lisa! i haven’t tho’t about Eastern Airlines in a long time! we lived in Miami in the 1980’s and i think those were the final days of Eastern. We knew quite a few people then who worked for EA. I’m not sure exactly when they went out of business. we moved to TX in 1988. (i grew up in ft. Lauderdale.) i enjoyed your post today. neat to hear how people reached out to those who needed a place to stay to get away from the storm.

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    1. Thank you, Martha, for spending some of your precious time here to read, relate and encourage.
      We moved to Miami when I was 5 years old. My parents lived in South Florida for 40 years before retiring close to us in Georgia. We lived in Perrine and then Homestead. I graduated from South Dade HS in 1980 and then attended FSU. It’s fun to share history and how paths have crossed unawares.
      Bless you again for spending some time here with me.

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